The famous journalist Mike Wallace and me (not so famous), side by side

The thin man, in the front row, fourth from the left is the author of this blog, Kevin Heldman. That’s me.  I run the  website:

I love that site and it contains my life’s work in journalism. 

I seem sad in the photo but I’m not, for that day I was awarded a 10, 000 dollar journalism award for an investigation I did into Japanese prisons.  I was also given a Steuben glass apple, which I cherished for many years but eventually gave to my web designer as payment because I was a little low on cash and I believe in journalism more than, more than I’m not sure what, but you get the point. 

I was literally and figuratively rubbing elbows with Mike Wallace.  But that doesn’t, and 2 dollars and change does, get me on the subway at 28th Street — the 6 train.  That bothers me about journalism; writ large.


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