I, like you maybe, want to be one part I.F. Stone

What if a poor bastard with a wordpress blog can invent a new new journalism.  An author – – one part I.F. Stone, one part Grigori Perelman, one part Adrian Nicole LeBlanc, one part David Foster Wallace, one part Eminem,  one part earnest and diligent like Amy Goodman – – who can cover the media like it should be covered:   interactively to facilitate reporting, contacts, leads, tips, access.  But in addition, interrupt everything for a fine diary entry.  And what about flights — if a throwaway police blotter item in the NY Post touches me like madeleine, can I not go off.

Please watch; on a regular basis.  I will try, and either suceed, or fail amazingly.  In that case you can watch as I go back to Facebook defeated, off to try and win friends and touch people with status updates. A writer’s sad pasture.


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