North Korean Propaganda

Postcards are scattered around near army bases — I was in Korea On Assignment For Rolling Stone (makes me feel like Carrie Bradshaw saying that) and American soldiers passed them to me — they said it was illegal for them to have. 



There’s another type of propaganda — back in NYC a female priest, Korean, gave me a crime scene photo.  It’s widely used in protests against US military troops in the country.  A Korean woman is spread out on the floor, dead, naked, her body covered with powder detergent, an umbrella lodged halfway inside her. 

I have no idea whether to upload it or not nor does anybody else unforturnately.  Editors, citizens, counselors, scholars, leaders of men, people you love and trust.  That’s why life is a bit shitty. 

                                           ### (that’s for you Melvin Mencher)


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