The most popular article I’ve written. Known nationally. Legendary in the graffiti community. It’s on my site if you want to check it

Old Article and Constant Demand:  From day one when we started this site, there has been many requests for a JA article that was posted in Rolling Stone Magazine. Seems that this article has been a cult piece 

This is a classic article. The writer named Kevin Heldman was one of the first and few to get a good interview with the legendary JA.
 I  read that article a while back. good to see someone documenting the grimey side of this sport. actually going on missions an telling it as they see it!! Defnitely  worth the read

shitttt….this article is illll!!…i have it printed from a while ago…i remember (im sure alot of kids are with me on this)..that night i bombed my heart out after reading it…..MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION…. JA is a fucken KING.
long article, extremely good read though. a real street life documentary.
 JA is an undeniable god of graffiti, why overlook that simple fact? I’ve read and reread that article over and over, each time its amazing.
Well worth the however long it took me to read that, great story, great insight into the game
That News cover, and the rolling Stone JA article, are two things I wish I had from the day.
That article was nuts.. dude goes out with set, jd, and ja for a couple nights…after i read that article for the first time, never in my life did i go out and crush the city as hard that night..amazing inspiration…i cant even explain man.
that article made people crazy when it came out
i read that so many times before i almost know it by heart
 “If you want to read the definitive piece of journalism on throwing up, go to your local library and hunt down on microfilm an article from Rolling Stone called “Mean Streaks” dated February 9, 1995.

In it, Kevin Heldman, a real journalist, trails a couple of spraypainters around New York (following them into subway tunnels to stand breathless by their side as the trains barrel past; clambering up the Manhattan Bridge to observe them hanging from their knees to bomb or tag the mammoth structure) and generally lays out the whole historical and sociological context of urban graffiti.


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