Whereupon the writer and antagonist Michelle Malkin mistakenly dismisses me as a wise-ass

This is not a true story but it could be. I e-mailed Michelle Malkin asking her to link to my site. She angrily refused, saying my articles and blog posts contributed nothing to the conservative cause and therefore life.  She also complained that in all my stories where I mentioned racism, I never once mentioned reverse racism.  I told her that, as much as it pains me to say, my own mother once banned a girl I was living with from her house because she had black skin, that there is nasty hate out there based on color, it’s not just a crybaby liberal canard.  A couple of weeks later she dug up some embarrassing personal information about me and linked to that.  She fights really tough. Unfortunately, I’m intimately familiar with people who fight really tough; wish I wasn’t.  But a couple of years ago she mentioned that she cried while reading “The Last Lecture.” Nothing is black and white, also unfortunately.


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