Why I was fired from my first job in journalism

A business journal; they asked me to write a simple standard proxy report on a company and they all went home. I was young. Thinking I worked for The Nation.  I started off okay. In the third paragraph I got a little angry. By the last sentence they had decided I had lost my mind up in there.

International Paper, with corporate headquarters in Purchase, N.Y., is a producer of papers, paperboard and packaging products, as well as wood pulp, lumber, panels, laminated products, photosensitive films and papers, nonwoven products, chemicals and minerals. It has manufacturing divisions in 24 countries and over 190 distribution branches in the United States.

The company’s sales increased 14 percent from 1989, while earnings decreased 16 percent.

The company is negotiating settlement with the Attorney General’s office of Maine and the Missouri Attorney General’s office for suits brought for alleged discharges of hazardous matters and breaches of waste management rules. In Mississippi there are presently a total of 2,847 plaintiffs filing suit against the company for alleged pollution violations and subsequent related health problems incurred. The company is also engaged in approximately 68 administrative and judicial proceedings under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act and comparable state laws. The majority of these proceedings involve the cleanup of hazardous substances.

The company’s 40-body senior management team consists of 37 white males, 2 white women and 1 African-American male.


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  1. classic. you don’t know how happy it would’ve made me to read this, back when I used to have to do summaries of quarterly earnings reports.


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