My Violent American Childhood

I told a woman from Asia about growing up as a boy in America and she looked at me like I was from another planet; like, Did you grow up in the wild?   

Do you know what I saw high school boys do every day to a girl’s body when she walked down the aisle of the school bus? Do people know about Asses Up handball? That  at 19 I woke up in the middle of the night in a packed field tent to see a soldier being methodically choked to seconds before pass out by three men who were giving him a play by play about what was happening to his body while they choked him.  That in elementary school we played our version of Rollerball, wielding hockey sticks, riding on the backs of bikes trying to kill each other.

Today a teacher told me boys in social studies class call Hitler gangster, kind of  in admiration.  And girls call themselves Lady Taliban in Chicago as they pose with chrome on Facebook

They were so damn sweet in Juno though; that’s also my America. 

The kids are alright right?


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