Response to hurricane article; on that special type of doubt that nags the aid worker and the journalist

There was a response to an article I wrote recently – – I spent three days working in NYC hurricane evacuation centers and shelters as an emergency responder and as a journalist during Hurricane Irene. Article is here

A blog, Aftershock Action Alliance, linked to the piece,”NYC’s Response to Irene Not Picture Perfect” quoted it and praised it, saying “Without these on the ground observations there is little chance the city will be better prepared next time when we might really need it.”

I thanked them, and I commented that with some of these things, when you’re involved in work like that (and I have been a lot), you’re never entirely sure whether you’re playing save-the-day hero and writing the equivalent of diary entries or you gave real useful emergency aid and did real useful journalism.

Enough validation comes your way and you can stop showing off to yourself and you can concentrate on properly serving the cause, the material. The latter part of that thought is a paraphrase of, I swear to you, George Clooney talking to Charlie Rose about acting. Now if I was a real hustler and go getter I would put Clooney and Rose in my tags to get this post read more widely, but, G-d help me, I barely understand what the hell a tag is and, honestly, I don’t know if all of three of my Facebook friends are reading what I write here or if it’s reaching the favelas of Brazil, the living rooms of Short Hills, New Jersey, the advisory board of The Dart Center. Them I’ll tag.


One response

  1. LOLing about the tags bit, I am! Howdy, Kevin Jay. I’m here in part b/c you wrote about some friends of mine in your “Welcome to the Jungle” article for Rolling Stone in 1995. Please see the second (and most recent) of the 2 emails I just sent you; the second (more recent) one is written in the proper English to be expected of a college grad on scotch, whereas the earlier one is, well, worth my having re-written it. I would like to connect with you as a fellow former-homeless-person-turned-writer on a mission from the gods to make things right, at least in those darkened corners of the world I can add a candle to. I’ve included an explanation of my situation and the book I’m working on, as well as a few ways you can reach me.


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