Chinese Takeout Story — actually and really behind the bulletproof glass and out on deliveries — who the people are, what their lives are like

chinese take out 7

This is a snapshot of what life is like for one — and representative of many — Chinese takeout restaurants in New York City.  This is in an area where crime is high — Mott Haven, Bronx — and people in the restaurant, and people outside of the restaurant, may not have the opportunities to get out, move, make choices.

Takeout Story


2 responses

  1. Another good story, and of course you had to do this firsthand, but why do I get the feeling when you write you feel the need that you were “in the trenches” when they do this everyday? Their words wouldn’t come across, but all your pieces give me the feeling that you have braved a world for the weeks that you were there, to of course never return to that place again. If you did any real activism, you have to hang around for months, years,…..maybe you are just a journalist only.


  2. OT from article above, but important nonetheless: Hello Kevin, I’ve recently sent you an email regarding your 1995 Rolling Stone piece called “Welcome to the Jungle”. I was there in 1993/4 and am curious if you’re interested in working on a follow-up story.


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