British women got it going on. Fitbirds.

Okay, I slept rough helping the homeless for 2 damn months down the block from pre gentrification Kings Cross Station where geezers rattled in the morning asking me to get them a stop withdrawal can of Tenets from the corner store, lads carried syringes behind their ear, heads huffed glue in bags their lips constantly covered with the sticky poison, I walked mates to detox and psych wards, old men spit up chunks of their stomach from drugstore alcohol (methanol, I think).

I never got to see girls like these.

London9London5.jpgLondon1.jpgRest in Peace my good good friend and mate (above) Kevin Carson. thank you for your friendship

Goofus & Gallant, 2019, real talk edition

12:30 AM —

Goofus is tweaking on 80 mgs of dextroamphetamine & self abusing on

Gallant is chewing pack after pack of sugar tree bubble gum while watching Chinese mandarin dubbed — a language he neither speaks nor understands– bible study on public access television.Goofus_and_Gallant_-_October_198020190724_003433.jpg20190724_003417.jpg

These Girls. Nigerian Chicas Freestyling to Beyonce. What Makes Life Life. Oh, and Fuck, Motherfuck Trump

On Childhood Juggling,Kid Working Out and Me and Eminem’s Mom

When I was a young boy there were not three like objects in my house. There were not three of the same balls  in my house. And my Mom was tight with finances for toys (she didn’t have any when she was a kid; her mother gruffly said “Whaddya need that for” when my mother as a kid heartbreakingly, she said,asked for some paper dolls). So as she went so did we go,toy deprived. I bet Em’s mom at least  bought his ass some Hot Wheels — come clean out my fucked up closet son.

But I was an avid,serious juggler in training doing 3 objects in the advanced Shower Style (I didn’t know better)


Rather than in the meant for beginners Cascade Style


I would juggle oranges and when the skin split I’d put electrical tape on them and put them back in the fridge and be yelled at steadily; what! wasting food glorious food and they were yiddishkeit racists so mommy (as we pathetically mistakenly called her) didn’t bother guilt tripping us on starving shvatza children in Africa.

I also loved working out and the 2+2=4 simplicity of achievement of it. You do it hard it rewards you hard no matter who you are what you do if you’re liked or not talented or not a good boy or not cool or not popular or not friendless.

As Dianne Wiest said of childhood ballet, I liked the “escape from uncertainty” of it.  

Of course I had no weights to lift
so I’d go into my sister’s room when she wasn’t there and in her full length mirror hanging on the door I would watch myself lifting, curling volumes of her World Book Encyclopedia set. Each night I would take a different volume to bed to read.

Shlemiel shlimazl blaring from the TV as my disconsonant soundtrack in the hellish 80s  I was Spartan despite it all holed up on 2 Ethel Court 11798 off of Bagatelle Road (get the  maps up boys) technically once Wyandanch but changed to the fake great manor born Wuthering, sorry, Wheatley, Heights.

Chinese Takeout Story — actually and really behind the bulletproof glass and out on deliveries — who the people are, what their lives are like

chinese take out 7

This is a snapshot of what life is like for one — and representative of many — Chinese takeout restaurants in New York City.  This is in an area where crime is high — Mott Haven, Bronx — and people in the restaurant, and people outside of the restaurant, may not have the opportunities to get out, move, make choices.

Takeout Story

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