Dear NYPD, Maybe If You Stop Putting Us In Illegal Choke Holds & Beating The Hell Out Of Us We Wouldn’t Splash You With Water. Amazing How You Tough Boys Cry After Getting A Little Wet –Can Just Dish It Out Huh? Can’t Take It

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My face a week after I was choked, gang beaten, cuffed, thrown into a vehicle, punched in the face 4 times while cuffed,and locked away by police from the 114th Precinct for nothing. And the police lied about it all and there was no paperwork on file of any arrest or detention or stop and I couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

When They Start Charging Corner Boys With Terrorism and Think They’re Superman in LE


Recovered in East New York by a 75th  precinct raid;  6 men arrested:.  25 caliber Raven Arms semi-automatic, .38 caliber Revolver Taurus. .380, pistol-grip shotgun, 3 lbs weed, cocaine residue, a.22 caliber, .9 mm  ammo and $1,329 in cash.

Ok fair enough,gangsters but these were the changes against all six:
Criminal Possession of a Weapon (six counts)
Criminal Possession of Marihuana
Tampering with Physical Evidence
Obstructing Governmental Administration
Criminal Use of Drug Paraphernalia
Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance
Violation of local law
And all six were also charged with Terrorism Criminal Possession of a Weapon (italics and emphasis not mine but probably overzealous prosecutors). 

And small thing but whats up with cops wearing superman, batman t-shirts and hats played backward at a press conference- heros ok but be humble out there or well you know

Chinese Takeout Story — actually and really behind the bulletproof glass and out on deliveries — who the people are, what their lives are like

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This is a snapshot of what life is like for one — and representative of many — Chinese takeout restaurants in New York City.  This is in an area where crime is high — Mott Haven, Bronx — and people in the restaurant, and people outside of the restaurant, may not have the opportunities to get out, move, make choices.

Takeout Story

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