37 year-old Delron Dempsey, his girlfriend, their 4-month son and two daughters were driving through East New York at around midnight on July 4. NYPD Officer Wayne Isaacs, 37, an off duty cop with 3 years on the job was also on the road.  They got into a foolish macho traffic dispute. Both men stopped at a light.
Officer Issacs stayed in his car, Dempsey exited  and according to police punched Isaacs through the car window(?)  The Daily News reported:
“Dempsey approached the driver’s side window and punched the cop twice as he sat in the vehicle — once in the face and another time in the mouth, a police source said.”
Issacs called police stating  officer needs assistance. But why did Issacs even pull over and play this macho game. Why didn’t he roll up his damn window, drive away.  Isaacs’ life was really on danger? Dempsey was unarmed. The intersection where they pulled over, Atlantic & Bradford, was one mile from the 75th police precinct, six  minutes if you’re driving the speed limit. If Isaacs thought he was going to die from Dempsey’s punches, he’s on the radio with cops and he could floor it to the 75th, be there in 3 minutes and be safe.  But no retreat, no deescaltion, no effort to preserve and protect life for Issacs.
He’s gonna thug up and bring a gun to a fist fight; pull his service revolver and shoot Dempsey dead.  Self defense George Zimmerman style. What a man, what a cop.
Yeah Dempsey’s not a choir boy as Giuliani used to slander; he had 19 arrests (who knows, serious crimes, turnstile  jumping, arrests dismissed?) But Issacs apparently wasnt showing up at Sunday mass either. According to the Daily News ,”Isaacs was accused in a 2014 lawsuit with a false arrest in which the suspect was ‘punched, kicked and struck several times in the head and body.’  The plaintiff also charged that one of the arresting cops called him a “nigger” before the case was settled for $20,000.

HERE’S THE NY POST (much respect Post)  FOLLOW UP July 8 Where it looks like this 79th Precinct cop Isaacs murdered a man without cause

An off-duty NYPD cop waited exactly one second before gunning down another driver in a Brooklyn road rage incident on Monday.Exclusive video obtained by The Post shows the moment that Officer Wayne Isaacs fired two shots through his car window at Delrawn Small, who collapsed and died in the street.

The NYPD and the Attorney General’s office are investigating the shooting, which the victim’s family said is a clear case of excessive force.

He barely has time to look the cop in the eye or even utter a word before Isaacs opens fire, causing him to stagger backward.

He stumbles to the ground, gets up for a moment — and then collapses again for good.

Isaacs, meanwhile, lurches his car forward a few feet before slamming on the brakes and getting out. He appears to tuck the gun into his waistband as he walks over toward Small.

Isaacs looks in the direction of the dying man, pausing for a few moments near his body, before returning to his vehicle.

He is then seen pacing around and talking on the phone. Sources have said he called 911.

Small’s girlfriend Zaquanna Albert, 35, then pulls the man’s car across the street before frantically running toward the scene.

That’s when the footage cuts off.

Police sources said Small’s temper flared when he thought Isaac cut him off as they were driving down Atlantic Avenue. Small followed the cop in his unmarked car for several blocks before getting out at the traffic light to confront him.

Albert told investigators that she begged Small, who’d had three drinks at a barbecue they’d just left, not to get out.

Isaacs, who has since been put on administrative duty, was on his way home after a shift in the 79th Precinct in Bedford-Stuyvesant. He used his service weapon to shoot Small in the head and chest, police sources have said.

Small’s brother, Victor Dempsey, said the video shows he was “point-blank murdered.”

“Now that I saw that video, I’m outraged,” he said at a press conference Friday night at the shooting scene. “It’s time for us to get justice on it. Everything they told us from the very ­beginning is a lie.”

Victoria Davis, Small’s sister, said watching the video was difficult. “Him stumbling, and even when the officer got out of the car, he didn’t seem to have any care,” she said.

“He just put his gun away.”

Albert’s mom said the video proves the cop never gave her son a chance.

“You can see that the police officer was very aggressive,” she told The Post. “He killed my son-in-law. And you know what, that is wrong. My son-in-law did not do anything wrong.”

She railed against the NYPD, and said her church plans to protest in “a peaceful way.”

“My grandson who is four months old is not going to be able to have a father to bring him up,” she cried.

Brooklyn Assemblyman Charles Barron insisted “things can get out of control” if the attorney general doesn’t bring charges against the cop.

“We won’t have any next steps to tell our people to even bother with this system,” he said. “People will take matters into their own hands because they won’t have any other alternative.”

The family’s lawyer, Roger Wareham, said it confirms that the shooting was a “cold-blooded murder.”

“From what it shows, there was no threat to the cop. Deadly force was not justified,” he said. “Delrawn looks in, then he’s falling down, in an instant.”

Wareham insisted the cop’s behavior after the shooting shows he had “total disdain” for Small.

“After he shoots him, and after Delrawn falls to the ground, the cop just casually gets out of his car. There’s no urgency, no attitude like, ‘I need to get help for this person.’”

The footage contradicts the claims of the owner of a nearby building who had insisted the angry motorist could be seen on video “punching the s–t” out of Isaacs after breaking free from Albert’s grasp.

Attorney General Schneiderman said in a statement, “I am committed to conducting a full, fair and independent investigation of this tragedy, and will follow the facts and evidence—including this video evidence—wherever they lead.”

The NYPD declined to comment.


Damn NYPD, you didn’t decline to comment when you talked about Dempsey punching  the hell out of Issacs. I know you have a hard job, stress, danger but a lot of us do.  How are we supposed to believe you, you know us, the public that you seem to regard with such contempt.



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